Preparing Today’s Students to Solve Tomorrow’s Energy Challenges

Energy Excursions provides teachers with resources and professional development opportunities to support energy-related curriculum in their classroom.

Your Adventure Awaits

Energy Excursions is for high school teachers seeking to easily include energy topics in their classroom to meet required content standards, to showcase the integrated nature of STEM using applied energy topics, to provide their students with online curriculum that covers the various levels of Blooms Taxonomy, culminating in a design challenge for the student.

Energy Excursions gives both teachers and students a window into the interdisciplinary nature of the skills, knowledge, and creativity required to provide energy to a global society, as well as an understanding of the challenges that make energy projects exciting and the oversight and considerations that keep these projects safe for humans and their environment.

5 Robust Courses

Our free, high-school-level online courses emphasize engineering and earth science applications within the energy industry.

Energy Excursions courses focus on engineering/earth sciences related to the energy industry, but integrate other STEM areas such as chemistry, physics, and environmental science. Each course contains a number of focused lessons with clearly presented summary, motivation, and learning outcomes at the beginning of each lesson.

Early lessons in each course guide the student on a journey to understand facts, basic concepts, and ideas related to the course theme; formative assessments are included along the way to cement fundamentals. Later lessons challenge the student to apply higher levels of critical thinking toward the end of the course when case studies and a summative design challenge are presented.

All of our courses are free for students and teachers. No registration is required. To assign a course, simply share these links with your students:

An excursion in pursuit of the safe well, assessing various drilling considerations and best practices for oil and gas exploration and production.
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Put it Back
An excursion through carbon storage technology, one of the Grand Challenges for Engineering in the 21st century set out by the National Academy of Engineering.
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How Much Water Does it Take?
An excursion through the Texas water-energy nexus, examining supply and demand of water resources, highlighting the critical question, do we have enough?
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Energize the Future
An excursion through the various energy sources used to power us through our daily life, with a look at how we might energize our future.
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An excursion into Earth's natural heat source and the geothermal industry, with a look at how oil & gas technology can be applied to develop this renewable energy source.
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Standards Alignments

Each course is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards and other state-specific standards.

Academic standards are a benchmark of quality in education. Standards-aligned curriculum helps teachers make selections that focus on what students need to know, understand, and be able to do in each high school course. At Energy Excursions we recognize that aligning our curriculum with learning standards makes our online courses more attractive to educators. Our team wanted to design a site that made it easy for teachers to peruse the standards aligned with our Energy Excursions curriculum. That’s why you’ll find easy-to-use, searchable features for each course, lesson, and topic page we present as part of our curriculum. Looking for content to cover a particular standard in a specific high school course you teach? Not a problem – you can search for that particular standard (or a group of standards) for your specific high school course within our curriculum. Go to one of our Energy Excursion courses and have fun exploring what all we cover.

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