Careers in Energy

As an energy professional you will face rewarding challenges, from technology driven innovations to forecasting the life of new energy projects and designing more sustainable energy systems. Whether you enjoy complex problem-solving, interfacing with new technologies, people management, or creative thinking, there are a wide range of opportunities for you with a career in energy.

The demand for reliable, innovative, and ever-evolving energy increases everyday. However, new technologies aren’t delivered without an innovative, problem-solving, and diverse taskforce that is the backbone to the energy we use everyday. Currently, over six million people in the United States have careers in energy, including a wide variety of subjects such as geology, engineering, architecture, finance, policy, and marketing.

If you find yourself inspired by innovative scientific ideas, engineering design, and the application of new technology there is opportunity for you in the energy sector. Whether you’re designing a hydraulic fracturing program for a geothermal field, developing a carbon storage project, or planning for hydrogen storage in salt caverns, a bright future awaits young energy professionals. Innovation occurs within the four walls of laboratories, in the conference room with colleagues from different disciplines, and outdoors, all around the world. Take your analytical thinking and complex problem solving skills to a new level, providing reliable and innovative energy for the future generation.

There’s a world of career possibilities for individuals in other disciplines aside from science and engineering as well. If you’re thinking about a career in business, perhaps forecasting the economic value throughout the life of a new energy project would be of interest to you? Or maybe you’re a creative thinker and would like to work with a team of people to generate innovative ideas to design advertisements and campaigns for the energy sources we consume everyday. What about policy? We need a forward-thinking taskforce to address the challenges we face today and how we might best implement new sources into the energy supply.

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