Energy Excursions

Why Study Energy?

Energy literacy affects everything from our utility bills, to our government, to the future of our economy. Energy literacy impacts public perception of energy topics and can shape the outcome of elections, business deals, and consumer behaviors.

Energy Literacy for the 21st Century

Without a basic understanding of energy resources, power generation, energy use, and conservation strategies, individuals and communities cannot make informed decisions on topics ranging from consumer choices to national and international energy policy.

Current national and global issues such as the mix of our energy portfolio, climate concerns, and emissions mitigation strategies highlight the need for energy literacy. An energy-literate person can assess the credibility of information about energy and communicate about energy in meaningful ways. They are able to make informed energy and energy-use decisions based on their understanding of impacts and consequences. 

Much of our energy history involves subsurface geology and engineering from a technical perspective. The future of energy will be equally demanding of these areas of expertise. Fostering energy literacy related to the subsurface might seem like a daunting endeavor because of the sheer volume of information and the complexity of the subject matter, but with some creativity and innovation, we have put together resources to educate learners of all levels about this vital topic. By focusing on many core competencies with applications to a wide range of current and future energy projects, our Energy Excursions experts intend to set the foundation for informed citizenship, academic success and confident professional application of energy knowledge. The content of Energy Excursions is written by energy experts from a variety of specialties, with professional experience in teaching, research, and industry applications. Energy Excursions courses focus on breaking down fundamentals of energy while providing the tools to question, analyze and discern solutions from energy technology and policy. Today’s learners are dynamic and digitally savvy, with a multitude of learning styles to accommodate in academic, professional, and personal-interest settings. That’s why we designed Energy Excursions to integrate facts, tables, video, interactive graphics, and animation, all in a responsive, easy-to-read website. These digital solutions create learning experiences that are more engaging to better harness learning opportunities. Distribution of energy-related content is key because the field moves so quickly and relevancy is vital to effective application of energy knowledge. Energy Excursions lives on the web, where improvements and updates can be rolled out regularly and learners can connect to the content on their preferred devices. We hope learners find it informative, engaging and intuitive–no matter what learning environment they are in. To learn more, check out our various courses.