Energy Excursions

Keivan Khaleghi

Geothermal Reservoir Analytics Intern, Calpine Corporation, Middletown, California

PhD Candidate, The University of Texas at Austin

Keivan Khaleghi is pursuing his degree in petroleum engineering at the University of Texas at Austin with Dr. Silviu Livescu as his PhD advisor. His research is focused on the direct use of geothermal heat in industrial applications and for heating and cooling living spaces. He is passionate about geothermal energy as a renewable resource that has a lot of untapped growth potential and he is excited about the prospect of Texas high school students learning about this tremendous power.

Keivan is currently finishing up an internship at the Geysers, the largest geothermal field in the world in Northern California and is looking forward to incorporating this experience in his research and contributing to a budding geothermal industry in Texas. Other than research, he enjoys cooking, art and hiking.

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