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Our Using professional development (PD) course covers the basic tools used in our asynchronous PD sessions and provides examples of activities used in various high school courses. For those not familiar with how works, this PD session will give you facility with navigating basic slides and presentations. 

What is is a powerful, online platform you can use to design engaging student activities by creating slides and presentations. We integrate into our Energy Excursions OnDemand PD courses because the platform allows us to provide additional interactivity and differentiation for participants. Embedded slides and presentations in our PD sessions mirror the engagement students would have in the classroom. offers free and paid accounts. Even the free account provides robust templates and tools. To explore the full portfolio of tools and templates, visit the website.

CPE Hours

To earn CPE hours for this session, you will complete a survey at the end of the course.

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To get started with this PD course, click on the first lesson, Tools (top item on the menu bar at left).