Energy Excursions

Texas Water Resources and Usage

“Take an energy excursion learning where the water is in Texas, gaining insight on how we use our water resources!” 


This lesson serves to familiarize students with the global water cycle and the sources of water in Texas. Students will learn about the difference between groundwater and surface water, the two categories of water resources for the state. The concept of water extraction for various purposes is also introduced in this lesson and students will have an opportunity to calculate their personal water usage, also referred to as their “water footprint.” Comparisons of personal water consumption to the state of Texas as a whole will allow students to gain an understanding of the risks that come with intense water extraction—a situation that can ultimately deplete Texas resources faster than they can be replenished. 

Learning Outcomes 

  • Learn about the global water cycle and water resources in Texas 
    • What is the global water cycle? 
    • Groundwater versus surface water resources in Texas 
  • Gain insight on the various ways we extract water in the state for different purposes and how much we extract 
    • What is your water footprint? 
    • What is the state’s water footprint? 
  • Learn about the rate of depletion for water resources in Texas and how this is projected in the future 
    • What is Texas’ current annual water demand? 
    • How will water demand change come 2070? 
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