Energy Excursions

The Texas Climate

“Take an energy excursion on discovering the different climate types that make up Texas, with insight on how Texas’ climate may change over time” 


This lesson serves as an introduction to “How Much Water Does It Take?” – a course designed to target environmental topics with a primary focus on water resources, related to Texas’ energy industry, particularly oil and gas. Motivation for this lesson, is to gain insights from the Köppen climate classification system, and learn about the different temperate and dry climate types in Texas. This lesson also incorporates information on how Texas’ landscape and climate could likely change over time, as a result of climate change.  “The Texas Climate” sets the stage for subsequent lessons focusing on water resources, use and management in Texas.

Learning Outcomes 

  • Gain an understanding of the Texas climate 
    • What is the Köppen climate classification? 
    • What are the different climate types in Texas? 
  • Learn about how climate change may impact Texas over time 
    • Impacts on temperatures, drought, sea-level rise, rainfall, storm events 
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