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Cement and Casing

"Take an energy excursion to understand the importance of cement and casing to maintaining wellbore integrity as part of the construction of a well."


This lesson discusses how engineers construct a well using steel pipe, called casing. To secure the casing and maintain the integrity of the well, engineers must cement different lengths of casing within the wellbore. Motivation is to recognize that the details of cement and casing are critical to maintaining health, safety and the environment during drilling operations. The lesson on “Cement and Casing” provides foundational knowledge and skills needed to complete the “Design Challenge” lesson in this course.

Learning Outcomes 

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the overview/definition of casing and its primary purposes 
    • Stabilizes and seals parts of the well bore using cement
    • Protects shallow formations from high pressures found in deeper zones 
    • Seals zones containing corrosive water
    • Seals and protects fresh water bearing zones 
    • Isolates productive formations from other zones
  • Gain an understanding of the steps that come into play when casing begins during construction of a well 
  • Learn about the different types of tests that are performed on the casing to ensure that well integrity has been established/met 
    • Cement Bond Logs 
    • Casing Pressure Test 
    • Casing Shoe Test 
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