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Drilling Mud

“Take an energy excursion to a drilling rig interactive to grasp and learn the importance of drilling mud for well production and operations.” 


This lesson will help students gain a better understanding of the importance and purpose of drilling mud/drilling fluids throughout the drilling process. Students will learn the basic purposes of drilling mud, how to use drilling mud to contain fluids in the formation during the drilling process (specifically offshore and water depth pressure), and some of the technologies on a drill rig that involves drilling mud/fluids using a drill rig interactive. 

Learning Outcomes 

  • Gain an understanding on the basic overview and definition of drilling mud 
  • Learn what the purposes of drilling mud are 
    • Cooling 
    • Cleaning 
    • Hydraulic power transmission 
    • Pressure containment
    • Wellbore stability 
  • Gain a basic understanding of the mud weight window and how it relates to pressure 
  • Learn how depth affects the mud weight and pressure 
  • Explore a drilling rig interactive to gain a better understanding of drilling mud components 
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