Energy Excursions

CCUS and the Clean Energy Transition

"Take an energy excursion and explore the global role of carbon capture and storage technology, the impact of cost and policy support on deployment, and the ability to integrate projects with renewables."


This lesson examines the bigger picture on carbon capture, utilization and storage technology, with particular attention to global net-zero goals, costs, integration with renewables and policy support. Motivation for this lesson is to understand the technology’s role in bringing about a clean energy transition for the world. “CCUS and the Clean Energy Transition” is a summative lesson to facilitate the learner thinking about big-picture issues on reducing greenhouse gases within the framework of their new knowledge on carbon capture, utilization and storage technology.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the bigger picture of CCUS technology within the global energy market
  • Explore how CCUS is needed to achieve global net-zero goals
  • Comprehend that CCUS costs vary
  • Grasp the role of CCUS in helping heavy industry cut emissions
  • Understand how CCUS can integrate with renewable energy, such as wind and solar
  • Recognize that CCUS cost trends are falling
    • Capture costs at coal-fired power plants
  • Learn about several policy support instruments to assist with CCUS innovation and deployment
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