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International Debut of CCUS

Norway debuts CCS

Norway is responsible for the first carbon storage project developed specifically as a greenhouse gas mitigation measure. Injection of CO2 at the Sleipner West field in the North Sea in 1996 was the start of the world’s first industrial scale carbon capture and storage project. Since 1996 Sleipner has stored more than 16 Mt of CO2 in the Utsira formation, a deep saline aquifer 800-1,000 m beneath the floor of the North Sea.

Location of the Sleipner gas field in the North Sea.

In 1991, the Norwegian government instituted a tax on CO2 emissions. Currently operated by Equinor, the CO2 gas processing and capture unit was built in order to evade the 1991 Norwegian CO2 tax. The natural gas produced from the Sleipner West field contains up to 9% CO2, however, in order to meet the required export specifications and the customers requirements, this has to be reduced to a maximum of 2.5%. Sleipner obtains CO2 credit for the injected CO2 and does not pay the tax.

Sleipner gas field operations, Norway.

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