Energy Excursions

CO₂ Emissions

"Take an energy excursion to better understand CO2 emissions globally, within the United States, and as a result of the Texas manufacturing economy."


This lesson explores emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) at local, regional and global scales. Specific connections of the lesson include energy consumption, especially for industrial use, transportation, and power generation. The balance of energy scenarios that use carbon-based and renewable primary energy sources is explored.

Learning Outcomes

  • Summarize why carbon storage is an important part of addressing global climate change
  • Gain facility with units used to discuss CO2 emissions
  • Understand the general distribution of global CO2 emissions across industrialized nations
  • Recognize the correlation between energy consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Explain the consequences of energy use on nations that want to industrialize at the same rate as the United States
  • Interpret data on global, country, and state CO2 emissions from charts and graphs
  • Summarize why the Texas industrial sector is so large
  • Describe why Texas ranks #1 in the United States for CO2 emissions
  • Explain Texas’ leadership role in renewable energy and its impact on CO2 emissions
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