Energy Excursions

Monitoring Case Study

"Take an energy excursion and visit a carbon storage project where the Bureau of Economic Geology sent a team of scientists to investigate concerns of a family that carbon dioxide might be leaking on their farm."


This lesson examines a case study of a carbon capture utilization and storage project in Canada, specifically looking at a monitoring program designed to respond to a landowners complaint about potential leakage of CO2 on their property. Motivation for this lesson is the importance of scientists and engineers to respond to concerns of the public, and the interdisciplinary aspects of such a response. “Monitoring Case Study” integrates many of the topics covered in previous lessons in the course on carbon capture, utilization and storage. The results of the case study suggest that scientists and engineers, working with collected field data, can adequately address public concerns to assure the public of the safety and security of carbon storage.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the importance of monitoring programs to resolve concerns between various parties over potential leakage of CO2 from carbon storage projects.
  • Gain an understanding of how specific monitoring techniques can resolve concerns without baseline studies.
  • Understand the interdisciplinary and teamwork aspects of a scientific field project from a specific case study on carbon storage monitoring.
  • Follow the spotlighted career of a scientist who has made significant contributions to carbon storage technology, in particular developing new near-surface monitoring techniques.
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